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1) in the same industry, Shanghai five Hui audio-visual repair rate is the lowest, reflecting the company's product quality and brand strength; 2) according to the customer request warranty, only need to add low cost can enjoy the warranty service; 3) the perfect CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, the system ensure us to become your most of your most loyal and trusted partner! ... Detail

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TCTREND company since its inception, to provide comprehensive and perfect solution to the audio-visual multimedia conference room automatic hidden and installation system!   TCTREND to the international perspective, professional devoted in this field, adhere to independent design and development, continuous innovation, to ensure that users and partners to provide innovative, practical, stab... Detail


TCTREND company is a professional R & D and manufacturing lighting, audio, video equipment products supporting auxiliary enterprises. ---- automatic hidden industry advocate and leader! Enterprises with independent professional brand: TCTREND, products include: SMART WINDOW controllable photoelectric screen, liquid crystal display automatically hide system, projector automatically hide system... Detail